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The MPAC Campus is a project that seeks to engage, enable and empower the Muslim youth, allowing them to fuly develop their potentials for their own benefit, that of the society and mankind in general. The project actively seeks the betterment of Muslims through better and systematic informal and formal education and associations.

We aim to tap into the assets of Muslims already established as “…cheerleader, coach, confidant, counselor, developer of talent, guardian, "opener of doors", patron, role model, pioneer, successful leader and teacher" to nurture the Muslim youth for the purpose of offering them the opportunities to be established legitimately like themselves.

In this process, we will explore spiritual, social and economic opportunities and paths that bring tangible results.

The MPAC Masterclass is one of our initiatives to address some of the following objectives of the MPAC Campus project:-
1) To create a forum for Muslim professionals and achievers to impart knowledge and motivate our youth in a structured learning environment;
2) To project a better understanding and tolerance of faiths and cultures;
3) To provide guidance on establishing authentic relationships, by creating value and knowledge through open interaction fostered by mutual respect for the wisdom and diversity found in our collective traditions;
4) To project a positive image of the Muslim youth and their participation as having strong faith related ethics, developing community youth leaders and role model;
5) To create and improve opportunities for Muslim youth to engage in social, educational, career and entrepreneurial activities;
6) To empower the youth and guide them towards alternative paths that take national development and peace building up a notch higher.
7) To serve as a forum for Muslim youth to create bond of friendship with one another against extremism and understand the roles they can play in interfaith relations when they step into more influencing authority.

Contact: Abdurrahman: 08098171819, Rukayah: 07039381787 |
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