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 The Award

The Nigerian Muslim Achievement Awards (NMAA) honour faith leaders, political leaders, civil society, young Muslims and organizations whose exemplary efforts have substantially improved or contributed to Nigerian Muslim affairs, standard of living, peaceful co-existence, social cohesion, inclusive society, interfaith dialogue/ engagements and national harmony.

The platform of the MPAC National Convention is used to highlight the power of love, courage, truth and sacrifice as well as celebrate those individuals and institutions whose efforts have greatly impacted the Ummah and the wider society in terms of Community Development, Excellent Leadership and Outstanding Achievements.

The Awards underscore the importance of spiritual, moral, innovative leadership and a willingness to become a voice of courage and conscience, demonstrating that lives of integrity and genuine striving are essential for true and ethical leadership.

Objectives of the Awards
MPAC Events Promote a culture of excellence, peaceful coexistence and tolerance among followers of different faiths;
MPAC Events Promote the culture of ethical leadership in politics, education, judiciary, sports, entrepreneurship and commerce.
MPAC Events Promote the use of the sublime values in divine religions to address the issues and problems of concern to humanity in order to promote peaceful coexistence amongst Nigerians;
MPAC Events Expand the contents of interfaith dialogue to include approaching differences found in religions with mutual respect;
MPAC Events Expand the dialogue to include researchers, academics and those interested in the relationship between religious values and life’s issues;
MPAC Events Honour the productive, active and creative persons and organisations in different areas of service.

NMAA Media Award: Someone or organisation who has objectively and responsibly reported on religious matters and has balanced socio-politico and economic views and opinions. Generally, reward for media responsibility, professionalism and excellence in reporting. This is an award to honour all voices of courage and conscience.

NMAA Interfaith Award: A bridge builder across various faith platforms: one who operates under the context of one humanity under God. This is a recognition for channelling creative energies to build a humane society, a spirit of love, tolerance and co-existence.

NMAA Achievement & Community Development Award: Recognition for service to humanity; giving of self, making sacrifice and providing a lever to lift others out of want and poverty. Deploying capabilities and knowledge to create change and drive sustainable development in the society.

NMAA Young Person’s Award for Excellence: Role model, exemplary in conduct and morally upright. Great achievements at a young age; overcoming any barriers and making a success out of life - can-do attitude and Yes, I can (in sha Allah) mentality.

NMAA Community Relations Award: Award for community involvement and support of social programmes. On whose private life, public service and/or volunteerism efforts advance the standard and quality of life in their community.

NMAA Education Award: Contribution to uplifting education standards and emancipation of many, making a significant difference in the lives of the have nots. Recognition for outstanding contributions on access to education such that ‘no one is left behind’.

NMAA Enterprise Award: Award for someone with entrepreneurial mindset. Business owners or start-ups whose products or services are creating advancement in the society in economic, social and/or cultural contexts.

NMAA Good Citizenship Award: This award is for individuals that have demonstrated outstanding courage and remarkable compassion to secure the rights of Nigerians to lead meaningful and peaceful lives.

NMAA Activism Award: Social activism is inherent in the Muslim community’s DNA. Many Muslims are serving the community with no thought for reward in this world. They strive to please God and gain a reward in the Hereafter. We hope that by selecting an individual for this award, their good practice, their acts of charity, will remind us all to follow the shining example of our beloved Prophet.

NMAA Lifetime Achievement Award: They are our community’s unsung heroes who have diligently, courageously and persistently expended energy and striven to improve the lot of Nigerian Muslims.

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